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This template can be used to link to an internal or external page (or a section) by cliking on an image. The original link to the image page is abrogated. Use the following syntax:

{{Image link
| image  = 
| link   = 
| width  = 
| height = 


{{Image link | image = | link = | width = | height = }}


  • image - the image that should be linked from
  • link - link (the target page etc.); note: when you insert the name of the page (or {{FULLPAGENAME}}) the link is suspended
  • width - width of the image in px (px must be inserted)
  • height - height of the image in px (px must be inserted)

This template make a new line. If you want to use it in the text so use Template:Image link inline.

Note: according to some more remarks in different Wikimedia projects this template should be used for images that are in public domain only, otherwise the copyright could be violated.

This template is derived from the deleted template Image-link (, by -jkb-), based on the deleted template Link-Bild (de.wp).

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